The Oxford Toy Closet

Borrow, play, return, repeat!

The Oxford Toy Closet is a toy library, encouraging environmentally friendly and affordable play in Memphis, TN.

What is a toy library?

A toy library is place where you can borrow or rent toys! It provides children with affordable access to a wider variety of playthings, while reducing environmental waste and decluttering homes.

Why does the Oxford Toy Closet exist?

Our family was looking for an affordable way to provide open ended toys and Montessori materials for our child when we came across the concept of a toy library, or lending program for toys. We were instantly intrigued and developed a vision for a toy library here in Memphis. We have big dreams and humble beginnings! For now, we are charging a small membership fee so that we can build inventory and pilot toy lending.

This pincer puzzle is perfect for encouraging older babies or young toddlers to develop the fine motor skills they will eventually use to write.