Why Join a Toy Library?

  • It's environmentally friendly

  • It makes variety affordable

  • It reduces clutter and storage

  • It enhances toy rotation

  • It encourages development

  • It teaches responsibility

  • It's fun!



We are relatively new and don't have a dedicated home yet. We currently operate through contactless porch pick-up and drop off at a residence in 38112, in Old Binghampton.

1. Create an account on our toy catalog site, and choose a membership type. You can select our standard membership for $15/month, or choose the Pay What You Can option and adjust the pricing to meet your needs.

2. Once you have joined as a member and are signed in, you will be able to reserve toys and add them to your cart. Select up to 5 toys, then "check out" with your reservation. You will receive a confirmation email.

3. Once your items are ready, I will check them out to you and place them on the porch. You will receive a second email notification, this time letting you know that your toys are ready for pick up! Reservations are located in or next to the clear plastic bin on the porch.  Please find the bag with your name on the tag.

4. Keep the toys for up to one month, or return them earlier and trade them for new toys.



The Pay What You Can Model

  • Memberships support the operation of toy library, including website fees and the library management system, as well as toy cleaning and inventory.

  • Our suggested membership contribution is $15/month, but you can adjust this amount to meet your needs, or pay it forward to another family.

  • Memberships subscriptions can now be paid and cancelled inside of the library catalog system.

  • You can also support the Oxford Toy Closet (and save!) by purchasing through our affiliate links