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25 Acts of Kindness: A Project for Advent

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Free Printable PDF with Advent Kindness Cards

How it started

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, our family practices the Christian season of Advent. In our family, this involves reading a daily devotion and lighting candles as we look forward to Christmas and future coming of Christ.

We recognize that not all members of this community celebrate Advent or Christmas. We welcome all individuals and families, however, regardless of religion or tradition, to join with us in this project: 25 Acts of Kindness!

About the Kindness Cards

Instead of traditional calendar with dates, the following activities are arranged on cards that your family can complete in any order. Plan out and number the cards before you begin, or choose them as you go along!

In addition, we've included some blank cards so that you can adapt this for your own family!

The 25 Acts of Kindness

Remember, the cards are unnumbered, so you can decide the order!

  1. Go on a walk and pick up trash.

  2. Mail a card to someone who may be lonely.

  3. Complete someone else's chore or responsibility.

  4. Pay it forward (in a restaurant, gas station, the grocery store, etc.)

  5. Make and share a bouquet of flowers. (Paper/felt flowers work too!)

  6. Bake cookies or muffins and share with a neighbor.

  7. Call someone who needs a listening ear (and listen!)

  8. Make and deliver thank you cards to community members (teachers, fire-fighters, etc.)

  9. Return grocery carts at the store.

  10. Cook a meal and deliver it to another family.

  11. Write a thinking of you card.

  12. Contact a local shelter and see if you can serve or meet one of their needs.

  13. Assemble snack bags to keep in your car and pass out to people in need.

  14. Share one special item with someone else who will enjoy it.

  15. Set out a hot drink for the mail/delivery person.

  16. Write and share a prayer, blessing, or note of encouragement.

  17. Donate to a charity or cause you believe in.

  18. Let someone else choose (the game, activity, meal, etc.).

  19. Hold the door for someone else.

  20. Compliment a stranger (or family member).

  21. Run an errand for someone else.

  22. Create a piece of art to give to someone else.

  23. Shovel snow, rake leaves, or sweep the porch for a neighbor.

  24. Sing Christmas carols to neighbors, at a nursing center, or on zoom.

  25. Read a story to or with a family member

Including Toddlers

While this set was 100% designed with families in mind, not every task will be accessible to every age group. And that's okay! If there is a task that your child is too young to fully participate in, I would encourage you to include them by narrating as you complete the task.

At 22 months, my daughter is obviously too young to run an errand for someone, but I can still show her the card and explain what we are going do. Modeling kindness is the most powerful tool we have for teaching children kindness.

Creating & Displaying the Cards

I recommend printing these cards on card-stock so they will be sturdy. (Alternatively, you could use regular paper and laminate the cards, but that does bring plastic into the equation).

If the margin is having issues with your printer, try printing to scale (at 100%) rather than "scale to fit."

A corner rounder or punch will fancy up your cards, but is certainly not necessary.

You can display your cards by hanging them from twine with clothespins and taking one down/putting one up each day. Alternatively, you can simply stack them in a draw pile.

Using the Kindness Cards

Some families may choose to plan out their month and number and date each card, while other families will choose a more spontaneous route. If your family and schedule have a lot of flexibility, you could stack the printed cards in a deck and draw one each day!

Either way, we are excited to have you join our community as we work on this project together! Please leave us a note below and tell us how it's going.

If you have other ideas for raising kind humans, please feel welcome to share those as well!

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