• Renee Hudlow

Extending Sensory Bin Play

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Sensory play has so many developmental benefits, and it's also a fun way to spark interest! In our home, we often make old toys feel new again by pairing them with a sensory bin. And, when our sensory bin feels old, we add new materials to freshen it up. Here's an example from our home!

We started with a simple lacing activity, but paired it with crinkle paper recycled from a package we received. This added new interest to a toy that's been on her shelf for a while.

When I noticed that she was finished with this activity, and didn't return to it later or the following day, I replaced the lacing strings with another option. A color sorting activity!

We used our Connetix Tiles to build boxes, but other color sorting options would include these adorable color sorting baskets from Maple and Lark (affiliate link), or colored bowls.

This activity kept her entertained for quite some time, as she repeatedly sorted the beads into boxes, and then emptied the boxes to sort them them again.

Eventually, however, it was time to replace the beads with a new activity. This time, I selected a matching activity from Lovevery.

The hide and find aspect definitely rejuvenated this old favorite and provided her with several minutes of independent play time.

How have you extended sensory play in your home?

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